NFT Mascot Villagers - Exclusive only for 1 Buyer



Hi, I am selling Mascot Villager for 0.05 ETH each. They are not minted in the blockchain. So if you own them, you can mint them in rarible, opensea and any NFT market place as creator. You can save your time on designing process, just upload Mascot Villager and they are ready for sell.

You will receive the file in animated mp4 format and 5 seconds duration.

Because Mascot Villager is exclusive, I only sell to 1 buyer. After the purchase, I will not sell Mascot Villager to anyone again.
Mascot Villager will 100% belong to the first and only one buyer. I won’t take any fee royalty.

If you have some ETH and want to open a store with cute and cool NFT arts, you can use Mascot Villager and sell them in your store as

So If you like my art and want to own this Mascot Villager, please contact me at

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